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Appleford Venue Guide

Appleford Guide

Welcome to Perfect Setting Catering’s Venue Guide. Below we have created a visual tour of Appleford, one of the Main Line’s premier event spaces! This guide is designed to walk you through the space and give you valuable information along the way. Enjoy!

Appleford Estate Venue Guide by Perfect Setting Catering

History of Appleford

Hidden deep within the Philadelphia countryside, along the glens and forested greenery of historic ‘Penn’s Woods’ lies the home and verdant gardens of a multitude of notables from Pennsylvania’s past. William Penn originally granted the land to James Moore who sold the land to Robert Jones in 1728. Jones erected a one story stone farmhouse which partially still remains today. The farmhouse has since been expanded by 1920s landscape architect Thomas Sears and architect R. Brognard Okie. Sears sculpted the bucolic gardens, brick walkways and rhododendron tracks seen on site today. The pristine landscape can be viewed from all areas of the property. Today, wedding ceremonies take place beside the waterfalls set between two languid ponds designed by Sears. In the late 1920s the estate was purchased by its final owner, notable Philadelphia banker Lewis H. Parsons and his wife Anabel Banks. At the time of Anabel Banks’ death in 1973 she left Appleford in the care of Lower Merion Township for use as an arboretum by the residents of Lower Merion.

Creating memorable events at historic Appleford for over two decades…

Perfect Setting Catering has expertly catered dozens of weddings, social events, open houses, and institutional gatherings under the sweeping white tent that adorns Appleford’s garden-view terrace. Our expertise and familiarity with the property, as well as our strong working relationship with the estate’s managers, make us the perfect choice for your next event.

Appleford Features

770 Mt. Moro Road, Villanova, Pa 19085 ♦ 610-527-0304 ♦

Guest Capacity: 180 – 200 (max)

Ceremony Space: Yes

Banquet Room: Yes (Tented)

Cocktail Reception Area: Yes – Mansion or Garden

Gardens: Yes

Handicap Accessible: Yes

Air Conditioning: Yes

Bathrooms: 5

Dance Floor: Yes

Chairs Included: No – Arranged through caterer

Tables Included: Yes

Kitchen: Yes

Current Rental Pricing:*

(Note these are only estimates)

December – March $3000 (no tent)

April – November $5000-$7800

For more information please contact the venue directly here

*These values are subject to change. For more information please contact Appleford directly

Let’s take the Tour

We will present all of the areas of Appleford in the context of a Wedding Scenario. Appleford Estate also hosts social and corporate events.

Map of Appleford

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The Waterfall


Most ceremonies take place by the twin ponds at the base of the Appleford glen.

Under a canopy of large deciduous trees and surrounded by the sounds of soft waterfalls, the ceremony area is a truly wonderful place to say your vows. We recommend providing an iced beverage station to ensure your guests stay hydrated while awaiting your arrival.

The Rose Garden

After the ceremony, your guests are directed to the cocktail reception on the Garden Terrace.

There are a series of beautiful garden stops along the way. One such stop is the Rose Garden, complete with red brick pathway, a colorful variety of hybrid rose bushes, and a tranquil grotto with a fountain and manicured lawn. Perfect Setting Catering will position servers in The Rose Garden with trays of wine and the day’s specialty beverage to offer your guests as they pass by.

The Walled Garden

Just above the Rose Garden is the Walled Garden.

Defined by fieldstone walls on all four sides, a broad expanse of lawn, and ornamental shrubbery running along the edges of a rectangular red brick walkway, this garden has a wonderful backdrop of beautiful Pennsylvania woodland and is ideal for your guests to enjoy their cocktail hour. This garden is also a fine option for your wedding ceremony.

The Garden Terrace

As you approach the Garden Terrace, you will be greeted by a panoramic view of the tented dining terrace and historic mansion.

On your left is a lawn with wrought-iron tables and chairs for your guests. To your right is a gray slate patio and your outdoor reception bar. Your guests will gather here for the cocktail reception as black uniformed servers begin passing your hors d’oeuvres and the days specialty drinks.

Picture Taking

As the cocktail hour begins…

The Bride and Groom usually retire to the Box Garden, Brick Garden and the Tree Row for picture taking. A catering server will follow the wedding party with hors d’oeuvres and beverages.

The Tent


As the cocktail hour concludes, the reception moves under the tent for dinner and dancing.

The tented dining area accommodates 200 guests comfortably and can be set and decorated in a variety of ways. This space is perfectly suited for Seated Served, Food Stations or Buffet styles-of-dining.

The Mansion

The Pine Room, Music Room, Hall, and Dining Room

The indoor spaces at Appleford provide a refined (and air-conditioned!) setting to enjoy a cocktail before dinner, catch your breath after a turn on the dance floor, or survey a sumptuous dessert buffet as the evening winds to a close.

The Pine Room serves as a popular indoor location for your second bar. A garden bar and a mansion bar help create good “spacing” for the cocktail hour and eliminates congestion. Providing a ‘flow’ and distinct niches for your guests to congregate can create a much more orderly (and relaxed) event and is highly advised.

The Music Room, with its “drawing room” feel, features traditional furnishings, comfortable seating and a baby grand piano. It is the perfect refuge for those who want to relax and have a quiet chat with family and friends while enjoying a piece of cake and a cup of coffee.

The Elegant Dining Room, with its various buffets and side tables, formal dining table, and crystal chandelier, is perfect for your dessert buffet and coffee station. Serving as a popular alternative to coffee and dessert service under the tent, the dining room at Appleford becomes a focal point later in the evening as guests are invited to a lavish coffee and dessert presentation in this elegant setting.

Dance Floor & Dessert

appleford dance floor

Your DJ or band leader will invite you and your guests onto the dance floor.

Dessert Stations

You may want to consider taking dessert to the next level with a Dessert Food Station.

In Our Experience

Perfect Setting Catering has catered countless events at Appleford. Below are some examples and suggestions regarding table setups, floor plans, and bar setups.

Table Setups

‘Round Tables’

Round tables are the most popular choice for floor plans at Appleford and work very well with the available square footage of the tent. At 8-10 per table, the space will accommodate 16 tables without “turning the corner” and 20 tables in all.

‘Banquet Style’

A banquet style event can be arranged in a variety of ways. First, you can set the room with banquet tables only and line them in long rows. You can create a hybrid look by interspersing round tables between your banquet tables. Or, you can use all round tables with just one long banquet table for the wedding party. A sweetheart table (along the curve of the wall) adds a nice touch and provides the bride and groom a view of the entire room.

We present photographic examples of these various styles below. We also present a floor plan typical of the hybrid approach.

Sample Floor Plans

Round Tables


We find that the Appleford tented dining space lends itself well to round table settings. The space can accommodate 15-20 forty-eight or sixty inch round tables with ample space between tables.

The above image shows a floor plan that seats between 150 and 170 guests with plenty of extra space for a bar under the tent, if desired, and a very large dance floor.

Mix of Banquet and Round Tables

In the above floor plan, the Wedding Party would have their own separate table. You can position banquet tables in a variety of ways, but be mindful of entryways and providing enough space for your servers to deliver food. Banquet tables are great for creating a ‘family style’ feel for your wedding and remain very popular!

Mix of Banquet, Round and Food Stations

Here we have a mix of banquet and round tables arranged as “casual seating”. Food station receptions often employ casual seating where seating is unassigned. As you can see we have action stations right out on the floor with chefs creating sizzle and culinary magic à la minute. We set a bar in the Pine Room and a Rustic Pizza Station out on the lawn for a fun appetizer Food Station.

Mix of Banquet and Round for Seated Serve

This is a seated served floor plan that also uses the mixed table setup. Here we have a wedding party table and a long banquet table between the tent poles for the families of the bride and groom. We also have a double bar setup under the tent and an outdoor bar to accommodate large crowds and alleviate congestion.

Bar Locations

An Invitation

We invite you to explore our Wedding Guide which presents menus and pricing in detail for Appleford.

View Our Wedding Guide

View Wedding Guide

These packages, which provide discounted pricing for large groups of 125 guests or more, include all of the component “pieces” that make up an off-premise catered event.  Our per person pricing includes the menu; staffing (supervision, servers, bartenders, chefs); china, silverware and glassware; cotton linens in a variety of colors for guest tables and bars; bar setups (sodas, mixers, garnishes, glassware, ice) and basic fees charged by the various venues.  We do not charge a gratuity.  We attempt to anticipate all of the costs associated with catering your event.  Ideally, your only “addition” will be the inevitable 6% PA state sales tax.

Three different reception styles are presented in this wedding guide: Seated Served, Buffet and Food Station Receptions. Per person pricing can be found after the entrée selection for both the Seated Served and Buffet packages.  For Food Stations, we offer a base price that includes hors d’oeuvres, coffee service, staff and equipment. The remainder of your menu is built on an “a la carte” basis.

Thanks for reading!

Peruse the Wedding Guide then give us a call at (610) 889 2040 or contact Perfect Setting Catering via email. We’d be happy to answer questions or create a proposal for you to help verify pricing.

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