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    An Early Spring Cocktail Reception

Weddings are our specialty…

Weddings by Perfect Setting Catering begin with the fundamentals:

The freshest vegetables and greens and the choicest meats, fish and poultry, all delivered daily from the wholesale markets in Philadelphia. Menus are organized or “prepped” at our production kitchen in Berwyn under the supervision of Head Chef Monica Mejia. Most importantly, every menu is cooked “a la minute” at the event location to ensure the very best dining experience. From the first hors d’oeuvres to the last chocolate dipped strawberry you can taste the marriage of fine fresh ingredients and expert preparation.

A great menu remains only an intriguing possibility, however, without a great service staff to deliver the menu in a timely and professional manner. Smartly attired in crisp black uniforms with striped black aprons, all of our captains, servers and bartenders are highly trained in their positions. No crooked ties, chewing gum, shirt tails or sneakers. Our servers are relaxed and friendly, but always appropriate.

At Perfect Setting, presentation is the key. From classic to edgy to just plain fun each guest table is set to reflect the client’s vision and personality. All food stations and buffets are designed to complement the guest table décor. With your approval such enhancements as candelabras, votive candles, stunning seasonal flower arrangements and custom linen accents are employed to create dramatic three-dimensional displays that add color and personality to your reception space. In keeping with your theme hors d’oeuvres are butlered, beautifully garnished, on a variety of media such as silver, copper, glass, or ceramics.

Finally, our standards are rigorously upheld by the sales associates, supervisors and ownership of Perfect Setting Catering. Whether you prefer a more casual or formal reception we understand that every successful event begins with a strong plan. When you have chosen Perfect Setting to cater your reception your salesperson then becomes your party planner. At no additional cost to you we can help you choose the rest of your wedding day team — florist, photographer, band or deejay, calligrapher, even an officiate — from a group of professionals with whom we have worked on numerous occasions. At a time of your choosing, we will meet with you to create a “timeline” and a floor plan for your reception day. If the ceremony is on-site, and the need arises, we’ll even help send you down the aisle…

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